Elcodi, a New Symfony Adventure

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Some changes are about to come. And it seems that they are good changes. I haven’t written in my blog for a few weeks, and the truth is I feel bad about it. I like to write about the things that happen to me at the company; about the problems we find and the solutions I come up with. The thing is that, for some months now, I’ve been really focused on the project that we are launching to the world today. Initially, it is a project by developers for developers, focused on meeting the actual needs of developers who design and program e-commerce.

It is true that we have plenty of platforms and options to develop e- commerce around the world. I could name a few, and probably they all have outstanding metrics and KPIs.

The problem with these platforms is that they are entirely B2B, so they only make sense when the end user just needs to have a good management, installation and configuration interface; and when technical departments want to develop, both horizontally (new features for things already in use, or just customization) and vertically (new features), these B2B platforms fall short, and so the company must either pay a lot of money in refactoring, or the existing code must be touched, contaminating it and putting its integrity at risk.

These platforms are usually not tested, and so each line added is potentially harmful for the whole system. Then, each development on these platforms usually results in collateral problems in the user experience itself.

As I see it, this is unacceptable in our times. We propose a platform conceived for developers, thought of and deeply reflected on. This does not mean that the code is right from the very start; our declaration of intent is simply to take this project to a certain point where companies can trust in the project in order to build their own.

We present you Elcodi.

We are just beginning to emerge with an approach divided into phases. Our roadmap is very clear to us, and so in the next few months we will develop the main features at a core level, as well as the necessary robustness in order to deal with any outsourcers who like the project in its initial stage and wish to join us in this journey, aimed at improving the lifestyle of developers.

The platform is based on Symfony2 and, following the philosophy defined by its own framework, we have focused most of the architecture by using a strong layer of events, fully uncoupling most behaviours and components.

If you are a Symfony programmer, I suggest that you check it out. You will see errors, a thousand things left to develop and to improve; but, like with all projects, our greatest ambition is its own construction; therefore, it’s a matter of months, energy and development. Another of our objectives is building a good documentation.

Essentially, we have three documentation lines in mind. Firstly, we want to communicate our philosophy to other people; the direction the project will undoubtedly take, regardless of its implementation in a given moment. It is important to define this from the beginning, because to a great extent it links us to our target audience. Documentation is a slow process, which is also subject to collaboration, and at first it will be in English only.

Finally, I should say that elcodi.com is a rapidly expanding company. We have good growth projections, and so we are certain that what we are starting today with such enthusiasm will not cease to grow. We want it to be useful; we want our proposal to be seen by everybody, to get your most constructive criticism, since only in this way we can really make an interesting project for us all.