Elcodi Wants You

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Right. Elcodi wants you.

Elcodi Project

And Elcodi wants you because you are ambitious, a fighter, a ninja developer eager to learn and to teach.

Elcodi wants you because you are a follower of good practices and have a sound software craftsmanship mindset, because you are a perfectionist, because your inspiring work is a way of life.

Elcodi wants you because you firmly believe that an open-source environment is a trigger that can detonate personal and professional achievements.

We believe we are doing a good job. We are not alone in believing it, many others do. This is why we have decided take it to the next level and start to evolve, growing the team and our vision.

We really aim to make things the right way by unfolding the power of collaborative software development and this is why we need your voice, your ideas, your enthusiasm and, of course, we need your hands. Skillful, experienced and visionary artisan hands.

If you share our vision and want to collaborate with a truly inspiring project, contact me at yuhu@mmoreram.com