Symfony Walk: Zaragoza - Madrid

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The 2014 Madrid SymfonyCon is closer every day, and I have to admit that I admire this community. A community that has been able to feed the php world with valuable projects and better people.

I admire the synergies that are created in different repositories that make Symfony one of the best options when developing any web project, and the entire ecosystem that has been created around, an ecosystem very healthy and social.

That’s why I’ll pay my own tribute the coming months.

Symfony Walk 2014

The goal is to walk a path to SymfonyCon Madrid with no more tools than a backpack and good music. The principle of such route will be Zaragoza, so the road will be a total of about 360 kilometers.

I will divide the challenge in 10 days plus one resting day. During the next few days I will also define the final route and all resting points, where I will spend nights.

My reasons are none other than a mixture of personal challenge of something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and my gratitude to this community for all help I’ve received indirectly.

As you know I work on a project called [Elcodi] ( we have very clear which is our philosophy and the details that we care until the last sighs of the project, and we know it’s not easy.

We have overcome challenges as an open source project , we are overcoming challenges as an open source project, and hopefully over the next few years we should overcome greater challenges as open source project .

Well, I think the act of walking for 70 hours in 10 days is a good representation of what needs hard work, effort and time, but finally, in the bottom of the road, a great reward awaits your arrival.

In my case, the conference .

I’ll post more details about my little adventure soon.