Symfony Walk, the Conference Section

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The day is getting closer. I am really exited about the idea of the Symfony Walk.

As you may know, the walk will consists in 12 days (10 walking, 2 resting, 1 resting day added as announced for my health), from Zaragoza to Madrid, so today I want to announce formally the last section of the Walk, dedicated to the people in the conference and to the entirely Symfony Community.

I want to open source the last part of my experience. I’d like everyone excited with the idea to walk beside me for the last 38km.

That’s the plan:

Excited about that? Good! Once in Madrid, a cold beer will be our best friend… ever!

Let me know if you want to join us through the Eventbrite event, so we can organize based on the total number of people. You can also contact me through my email,

Looking forward to meet you there, it is going to be amazing!