PDD, Pragmatic Driven Development, English Version

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This post is just a translation of one of my previous posts, written in Spanish, for Spaniard people. I just wanted to translate it and to propose my idea to the entirely world, even knowing not everyone will be agree with my point of view.

You will find the original one here

There is a trend, in my opinion, extremely annoying about how we should work in any technical project. We have gone from being a voiceless sector to, for a while, a small egomaniac movement with categorical thoughts, making some monothematic readings so boring for the reader, just because these topics iterated for the umpteenth time with a very theoretical speech, non practical at all, far from the real life.

And that’s what we all need, a great doses of reality. Because reality is practical, not logical.

From my point of view, and given my small experience, I think this movement has to be eradicated to make way for a new movement of thought, maybe circumstantially called PDD, Pragmatic Driven Development (You know… I can also be so witty assigning new names and adding some cool tags to my Linkedin profile…). And the truth is that I am so tired seeing that some people is still telling me how I should do my job, what practices should I follow to make it “the right way” and what guidelines I should take to not being far from the real truth.

The real truth does not exist, or at least should not. Every single speech should have an objective part, based in good practices, but also should have a subjective part, relative to the real circumstances and taking care about the needs of the project. So, this is not seemed to be understood by some people. Seems that, like an outdated political movement, The ego blinds some people to understand so much certainty (must be that we are too used to being treated like sheeps… BeEeEe BeEeEe).

This is why I refuse to listen to such modernistic stupidity without solid arguments. I refuse to be near this hype, created from this people that don’t have any other way to stand out than selling their unique thought like it was the entrance of the heaven of wisdom. We have reached an illness point.

I personally always demand my attendees, or just the people that talk with me, to have an owning point of view, to treat my single one just like another point of view, even if they feel it is not correct, it is different or even distant from theirs, and to use it as a starting point of constructive discussion.

Important, I’m not telling that I disagree all these techniques, I’m not telling that all this architectural knowledge is not useful, I’m not telling that applying a great methodology is useless… I strongly think that all of them, born inside great minds and actually tested with great results, are very useful and really makes us better as developers, giving us more resources to work and making us better able to do our job successfully. I have to tell also that since I am actually practicing lot of them in my projects, like TDD, BDD and DDD, I feel better and more comfortable. I say thanks for that! What I am actually saying is that we are developers, not this kind of stupid people without capacity analysis. At the moment we lose this capacity, we lose our value.

  • Hey, dude! I am actually working on that project! Do you like it?
  • Well, I expect you are doing Hexagonal Architecture…
  • Hmmm… I don’t really need it…
  • You don’t need it? Sure you do!
  • In fact, not.
  • You are wrong!
  • Ok.

It is all about thinking things, and make sure about what we really need at each point, just ignoring everyone telling you, categorically, the way you need to do your job.

I truly hope all this pantomime to be ended soon. I hope as well that one day we will be able to work all together as a community or a team, this is what we really need, keeping in mind what really matters: learning, teaching and doing great projects, no matter the framework, the language even the architecture.

Have a really nice week, and enjoy your work :)