SymfonyWalk - C'est Fini

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90Km walked in 3 days. And it’s over.

I’ve been walking through amazing and gorgeous places during the last 3 days. I had in mind going to Madrid, but I’ve had two important problems.

  • My feet. This is one of my problems. My feet. What’s wrong with you?!
  • The next section was 42km, through the mountain and with any place where to sleep. No hotels, no hostels, no nice people offering her house. It should not be a problem, but the real problem has one single name. -6 degrees at night. I cannot expose myself for sleeping on the street with that cold. All next sections are like that, after 30-40km walking, nowhere to sleep.

I feel disappointed with myself. I had so many expectations I could do that, but I cannot put myself in danger 1 week before one of my most important moments on my entirely professional life, to be a speaker in the SymfonyCon, in Madrid. My fault.

But things happen. And what I wanted to demonstrate to myself is that I can do that. Yes, sure, with more or less preparation… but I can do that. Because the most difficult part of this things is trying them. And then, once tried, you can fail. Lot of times. You will fail. Even if you don’t expect that, you will fail. But failing is just the beginning of success.

I will stay here, in the middle of nothing, since the SymfonyCon starts. Resting and enjoying something different than Barcelona. The real world.

I want to thank all the people around the world that has encouraged me on this event. I’ll try again soon. Once and again till I achieve my goal. And once achieved, I will go on with another goal. Because this is life, my friends, goal after goal.

Looking forward to see you all in Madrid, this is going to be a great great event.

PD: Ryan, my friend, I will also take a plane XD