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Imagine yourself in front of the Barcelona’s beach in July. It sounds good, right? Then, continue imagining yourself with a great Symfony environment, with a very cold beer, amazing people and even better topics to talk about.

Isn’t it the best plan ever?

Well, if you feel that you need it, then you should continue reading this post…

I’m very very pleased to tell you that this plan is going to happen this summer. The Symfony Barcelona Association is working very hard on this first edition of Symfony Catalunya, an international Symfony event placed in our city. This event is 100% in english and is going to be very focused on how Symfony can help us in our day by day and in our jobs.

Symfony Catalunya 2016

What does it really mean? Let me explain you properly:

  • 0 smoke. This doesn’t mean that we will not talk about new concepts, like React for example, but everything will be constructive and focused on your next day work.
  • New talks. Don’t you feel that all events are populated with same talks year after year? In this event you will find only new talks.
  • Amazing speakers. Speakers are selected because their communication skills. The speaker quality is as important as the talk quality, don’t you think?
  • Community to Community. We will not make any money with that event. All earned gains will be invested in you somehow.
  • 50 euros early bird ticket. Get yours as soon as possible and join us :)
  • Take some breath. 7 talks per day, one after another is never a good option. With 4 talks per day you will be able to enjoy the city and the people.
  • Eat whatever you want, whenever you need. Your ticket doesn’t include food, but the venue is in front of great placed for having lunch and coffee.
  • Lighting talks. If you feel that you have something to show us, bring your 8 minutes speech.

Of course, and because you’re able to buy early bird tickets, we have published 4 of our 8 speakers in our website.


Are you a company placed in some part of the world? Do you like Symfony? Then this may interest you…

For only 300 euros you will be able to

  • Put your logo everywhere. We will mention you in our media channels at least once.
  • You will be able to add whatever you want in our Conference Attendee bag
  • You will get one free ticket for the conference
  • We will work very very hard to provide you an stand during the conference.
  • You will have the satisfaction to be helping the Symfony Environment, a very important part if you are looking for Symfony developers

We really appreciate companies sponsoring, and we strongly think that should always be that cheaper.


Are you a PHP or Symfony community? Well, you can help us too by spreading the word. In exchange of that, we will consider you part of our sponsoring group, adding your logo in our list as well.

And is free!

How can you help us? Well, for each new sponsor we have because of you, we will give you one free ticket for the conference. You will be able to raffle this ticket among your community.

Join us

Do you like that? Then…

To be aware of our news, follow our Twitter account (@symfonycat) and say hello :)